Product page featuring multiple hover image effect, advanced attribute selections for size and color of products and next/previous item function for faster skimming of website's products.
Website's home page featuring products and interactive banner. Side navigation shows categories and designers.
Product page with dynamic message when a product is out of stock. Allows for the ability for the customer to be notified when a product comes back into stock.
Product page featuring a sale item. Sale prices mark in red with the original price crossed out. Works dynamically with the admin side of the site.
Add to cart button activates a hover for the customer to either go to checkout or keep shopping after adding a product.
Home page with rotating slideshow with ability of clickable links, simple quick easy navigation and relevant links in the footer.
Product page featuring hover over zoom, multiple images, elaborate multi-attribute selection, and current cart status.
My Account page featuring past orders, multiple addresses, tags, wishlist, etc.
Login page with quick and fast registration or quick login.
RSS page featuring numerous feeds potential customers may be interested in such as sale items or items that just arrived
Simple about us page with 3 column layout

Twin Armada

developed for Twin Armada

  • Client - Twin Armada