Online fashion retailer selling contemporary Asian fashion and independent designer lines geared to global customers aged 18-30 via marketplace model.

October 2007
Startup, Ecommerce, Web Development, Marketing, Design
osCommerce, Magento, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator

Detailed Story

Twin Armada was an online e-commerce startup that I started with my twin brother. The first integration of the website was created using osCommerce and then later migrated to Magento. The website broke even after one month of sales and had many features ahead of its time. Some added features include the ability to automatically mark orders as shipped while simultaneously purchasing and printing shipping labels for outgoing orders, vendor marketplace, real-time customer tracking, AJAX product photo zoom, one page checkout, checkout flow optimizations and an affiliate program.

The site was completely created from scratch and was my first PHP, MySQL and JavaScript project (I am a self-taught web developer). Later the site was migrated to Magento and this migration included keeping all customer and order data intact while launching the newer version of the site seamlessly without any downtime. I also handled all of the marketing campaigns, fulfillment and photography for the business. Later due to supply sourcing issues and constantly having to keep up with market trends while predicting product inventory we closed up shop and sold the code to a fellow competitor.