Vuong Nguyen

Hi, I'm Vuong

Sr Technical Product Manager at Lady M and Freelance Web Developer on the side.

Let's talk about me

I'm a Technical Product Manager

I’m a product manager who loves the web, design and things that are enjoyable to use. Making products user friendly excites me as much as the metrics and marketing that makes a product successful. I'm bilingual in technology and business including building a website from scratch or creating effective online ads. I have experience leading teams and creating solutions that solve tough problems for users. I think that building a product team is the most brilliant move a company can make in order to increase sales and improve the customer's experience.

Things I Love

I have been called a “serial hobbyist.” There are so many things to be interested in, to learn about, and to pour one’s self into. Outside of work, I spend time tackling monthly skillsets from a bucket-list that I created in 2010. I'm a certified PADI advanced scuba diver, lead rock climber, advanced Muay Thai boxer, H1 hang-glider, volunteer coordinator (notably for my Kenya mission sponsored by GoPro), freelance web developer, filmmaker, photographer, and avid traveler.

What I Do

I work for an awesome company in New York City called Lady M. We make handmade luxury desserts and cakes that are sold at company-owned locations and online for shipping, delivery or pickup. I lead the company's ecommerce efforts as a Product Manager, which sounds fancy but really means that I ensure that the work we do for our online operations is awesome, beautiful, and fun to use. I think we do a pretty good job and our customers seem to think so too.

Lady M is a great place to work. I have creative and technical freedom, a good work environment, talented coworkers and am handsomely compensated. I can't think of anything that would keep me from being here a very long time. But I always want more. Not necessarily stuff or money, but I want to learn more and get better. I want to keep the pressure up. I want to take on the toughest challenges.

Let's talk about you

You are the Best

You are a company that makes amazing products. You disrupt industries and generally make the web a better place.

You need the Best

You need a problem solver, someone who gets things done and can pick up the slack... a fast learner. You need somebody that will tell you “no” when something is a bad idea and why it's a bad idea. Someone that will fight for the users and that isn’t such a fanboy that he won’t challenge years of what you have established as the way to do things.

Everyone wants to work for a company like you. Your core values make sense and your work environment is set up as a kind of place where a creative person could soar. You have a tough challenge and you need someone with amazing skills, supernatural confidence and a creative eye to work towards viable solutions. Conceptualizing, designing, developing, launching and continued maintenance of our products (new and old) will invite an incredible amount of scrutiny from the online community, internal stakeholders and customers.

I'm that Guy

I love a challenge. I didn’t make this website lightly and I spent some time figuring out what I'm looking for in a company. I love the idea of working with people that are brilliant; whom I admire and respect. I know what it means to work together to make something great. And I look forward to making you better by my addition. I want to learn from you and I want to teach you and I want to learn things together.

You might be that next challenge.


Ecommerce Website

International confectionery selling high-end luxury cakes and desserts. I led the product development for the company's ecommerce websites from conceptualization, design, development, launch and continued use. My portfolio includes the coordinated launches and development of a BigCommerce website, Shopify website and Vue/Nuxt website.

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Video Game Websites

Video game company known for titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Hatsune Miku, Persona and Yakuza. I was responsible for developing interactive websites and advertising campaigns resulting in $21 million in sales during extremely critical deadlines. I also saved the company $40k annually in Amazon Web Services (AWS) costs by optimizing our servers and load balancer.

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Mobile Ecommerce Website + Email Marketing

Consumer electronics retailer known for selling laptops, tvs and computer accessories. I led product strategy and development for our mobile ecommerce web app which added $1.4M in annual revenue. I also built interactive landing pages, optimized our checkout process, improved SEO, created email marketing campaigns and prepared the website for surge traffic such as Black Friday sales. My team's efforts resulted in growing sales to $100M with $300k incremental revenue per year.

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Ecommerce Startup

Healthy meal delivery business founded in 2014 after my Grandmother passed away. Designed to help people save time and eat healthy. $450k in annual revenue without any VC funding. Grew to a 20 person business with 3k customers within 3 years. Constantly improved business (heat-sealed packaging, dynamic barcode labels, easy to use ecommerce website, social login, retargeted customer emails, delivery scheduling, subscription plans, kitchen optimization, fulfillment processes..)

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Ecommerce Startup

Online marketplace selling clothing and accessories directly from famous up-and-coming designers such as Michelle Pham (YouTube), Tim Lenoir (Project Runway) and various boutiques. Profited after 2 months of operating.

What my coworkers say

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University of Central Florida

Bachelors of Science, Marketing

Managed a team that advanced to the top finalists during the senior year’s Capstone competition.




Product Management
User Experience (UX)
Conversion Optimization (CRO)
Roadmaps & User Stories
Design Thinking & Agile/Scrum


Marketing Strategy & Research
Competitive Analysis
A/B Testing
Google, Facebook, Instagram Ads
Social Media & Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Jira, Aha, Asana & Trello
Excel, PowerPoint & Word
Google Docs, Sheets, & Drive
Google Analytics
Adobe Creative Suite
Visual Studio Code

Web Development

HTML, CSS, Javascript & MySQL
WordPress & WooCommerce
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