Persona 5, Atlus’ most anticipated game in 2017 was set to launch in the US for Valentines Day (February 14, 2017) but was then pushed to April 4, 2017. As a remedy, we released a Valentine generator that let fans create custom Valentines that could be emailed to friends and family.

February 2017
Web, Animation, Email
PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Detailed Story

The Valentine compositions were created by Ayami H and Amy S. The web development was shared between myself and James K. The majority of the website is stylized through CSS only and HTML with some JavaScript and PHP. Originally we were utilizing JavaScript to generate the customized text onto the cards and to send the emails. However, due to time and needing to roll out the site before February 14 (with approvals from all stakeholders) we went with PHP to generate the customized text onto the images and email functions.

Despite Persona 5 being delayed, the Valentine campaign was a huge hit and helped add more positive news and excitement for the upcoming video game. As a result, it increased pre-orders for the premium edition of the game.