The Truth Initiative is an anti-tobacco organization known for savvy marketing to help bring awareness to teens and decrease underage smoking. In 1999, the campaign successfully decreased middle school smokers from 18.5% to 8.6% and high school smokers from 27.4% to 20.9%.

I was the brand manager that decided on the direction of the organization’s marketing campaigns (TV, digital, print and events) and collaborating with advertising agencies such as CP+B.

The Truth Initiative successfully decreased smoking among middle schoolers from 18.5% to 8.6% and 27.4% to 20.9% among high schoolers. The powerful and viral marketing that we produced was a success, helping save lives and making a lasting impact. A few of our campaigns included sting operations, a first of its kind social network, print ads and legislative action to local politicians (such as the vote to ban smoking in restaurants).